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Property Questions

  • Do I need approval to make exterior modifications to my property?

    Yes. Any alterations or additions to the exterior of your property must be approved in writing by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This includes such items as patio covers, pools, fences, painting and major landscaping changes (especially those that include any hardscape change). Please submit the Architectural Control Request Form (found in the Architectural Documents section of the website). Submission instructions are on the form. For questions about whether your project requires approval or about the form please contact the management company representative.

    You need to get ARC approval even if your project is exactly the same as your neighbor. You need to get ARC approval even if you have a permit from the City. If you make changes to the exterior of your property without approval, the association will begin the enforcement process which could lead to fines against your account and/or a requirement to remove the modification.
  • Can I operate a business out of my house?

    No residence is to be used for business, commercial or manufacturing uses. This includes such home-based business as church services, day care or swim lessons. Quiet, non-offensive activities such as tutoring or art lessons would be permitted as long as these activities do not materially increase the number of cars parked on the street or coming and going.
  • Can I keep my boat or motor home in Hunters Creek?

    No, boats, motor homes, campers, jet skis and other recreational vehicles may not be parked or stored in Hunters Creek unless they are completely enclosed in the garage or privacy fenced yard. They may not be visible from any public view, including streets and alleys. Commercial trucks in excess of one and one-half tons and vehicles with advertising must follow the same regulations.

    All Hunters Creek residents are encouraged to park in their own garage or driveway, keeping street parking for occasional use only. This is safer for children playing and allows emergency vehicles and residents to safely travel the streets.