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Welcome to the Hunters Creek neighborhood of Frisco, Texas! We are proud of our neighborhood - its well-planned integration with natural forest and the West Rowlett Creek makes it a particularly distinctive and desirable community in one of the fastest-growing cities in America.

Hunters Creek Homeowners Association


Community News and Events

  • Reminder to Residents about Wild Animals

    Published: July 01, 2020

    The Frisco Police Department would like to encourage all citizens to not attempt to run off, shoot at, or trap any wild animal that they encounter. Instead, call Animal Control at 972.292.5303 or the police department at 972.292.6010 if after hours and have a Frisco animal control officer or police officer respond to handle the situation. Also, please remember that Frisco city ordinance prohibits discharging a firearm within the city limits. Please do not shoot any weapons in an attempt to scare off wild animals that you may encounter.

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    Hunters Creek Homeowners Association

  • Year-Round Lawn Maintenance Tips

    Published: July 01, 2020

    As you know, weeds can invade and thrive in all types of environments. The first step in controlling these weed pests is to correctly identify the weed and then determine a proper control strategy.

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    Hunters Creek Homeowners Association

An ACC Request is required if you are making ANY type of modification, change, repair, replacement, removal, addition to your property or the exterior of your home.

The governing documents of this community state that you must have written approval from the ACC Committee prior to doing any of this work.

Start your ACC Request

Your association is designed with you, the homeowner, in mind, and engaging with the board and your nieghbors only helps make a batter and stronger community.

Find out what's happening now and how you can get involved.

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Lost Cat

Reported: 3/30/2021 10:02:27 PM


Smoked/ brown  6.10 Lbs  DMH
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Lost Dog

Reported: 3/15/2021 10:34:18 AM


Back caramel and white  10lbs small  Chihuahua
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  1. Meeting Notice 04-2021
    .pdf file (158.12 KB)
    April 05, 2021
  2. Meeting Notice 02-2021 rescheduled
    .pdf file (162.08 KB)
    February 19, 2021
  3. Pool Facility Waiver HCR Final 02-2021
    .pdf file (197.10 KB)
    Hunters Creek HOA
    February 18, 2021

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Betty Crudden
Community Manager
office: 972-960-2800, ext. 316​
fax: 972-991-6642
Jane Evans
Administrative Assistant
office: 972-960-2800​, ext. 330